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Compare the softness of my works with that of others making similar things

This sculpture was my first art work, I was only 15 years old when I made it

Underwear in wood by Loris Marazzi

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They wrote about him

They wrote about him

Art works Venice
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wood art Venice Italy

wood art Venice Italy

Mr.Alan Alda with my sculpture Travel Bag

Taking a walk through this magical city, I could not ignore the small gallery of Loris Marazzi in front of the Peggy Guggenheim Museum.

Initially some beautiful garments hanging in the window had caught my attention. 

I was really confused!  I asked myself, �Why is there a clothes line hanging in the window of a gallery?�

My curiosity further attracted me and the magnetism of the beauty made me enter the gallery. To my surprise I found an ordinary Italian man, who I discovered was Mr. Marazzi, carving a jacket from a piece of wood.  Then I suddenly realized the garments on the clothes line were wooden sculptures and what fantastic and ingenious sculptures.

By the way this was not the ideal place to keep such fantastic treasures; however it does not matter the space or the fa�ade when real art is present. Marazzi is a very kind man and is especially passionate about his work, �His Marvelous Wood Sculptures�.  

Marazzi uses Cherry wood as well as Cirmolo, Walnut, and Pine wood to carve his art.  He not only sculpts in wood he also works in Marble and Bronze, making wonderful pieces which now adorn gardens and swimming pools the world over. 

This Venetian artist is no ordinary wood worker, the inspiration from daily things are not the only sculptures from Marazzi`s talented hands. He also carves conceptual pieces such as a life sized mans body that represents a man who is born into a new life.

 Balance�, �Happiness� and �Loneliness� are a few of the names of his more important art works.

Marazzi gives to the art of sculpting a sense of innovation, invention, harmony and feeling and by bringing all of these together creates beautiful living sculptures.

I suggest you visit Marazzi Art Gallery to take delight in the beauty of his art works. If you commission his work you will have the opportunity to illuminate a wall with his sexy works of art (lingerie and underwear line) or with a Raincoat or a Shirt with hanger all in wood.  Or maybe decorate your living room with his functional sculptures such as a bar in wood, a book chair or give a special touch of harmony and significance to any place in your home with one of his conceptual sculptures such as a brain sculpture called �My Mind My Force�, or another entitled �My Life My Force  which is one of his more admirable sculptures.

If you know about art and love beautiful things you will truly enjoy the small gallery of

Loris Marazzi.  You could spend hours just admiring his wonderful sculptures.

If you do not know how to get there ask or look for directions from his posters (they are in every wall around the city).

Do not miss a chance to meet these incredible wood art sculptures!

by Ambrose Clancy



"Wood art Venice"

magazine New York Times Wood art Venice

On the way to The Guggenheim Art Gallery in Venice it would happen to you to see the Loris Marazzi posters with the image of a brain in wood and others with the line clothes in wood. in front of the Peggy Guggenheim Museum 369 Dorsoduro. You can see sexy underwear in wood, a raincoat, bra, panties, shoes, shirt and a brain all of them made from wood.

These beautiful wood art sculptures are all from Loris Marazzi Art Gallery Venice Italy.




- Vogue - "About Woodworkers in Venice Italy"

woodworkers Venice Italy

Loris Marazzi is a wellknown wood art sculptor specially because of his fantastic clothes line in wood ( sexy lingerie, boxer shorts, t-shirts, jackets, jeans�etc). Loris sculpts also conceptual wood art sculptures like a brain supported by two hands which simbolizes the power of mind and which is one of his more famous art work.
The talent of this woodworker is inexhaustible besides his clothes in wood and his conceptual sculptures Marazzi sculpts funtional wood art sculptures like fornitures which you can perfectly use and at the same time give a touch of good art and sophistication to the insides.



- People - "Art wood Venice Italy"

art gallery Venice Italy

Sexy underwear in wood such as a bra, pairs of panties and socks �etc. They are some of the art works from the gallery of the well-known Venetian artist Loris Marazzi.
This little gallery is located just outside of the tourist centre of the city, close to the
Guggenheim Gallery in front of the Peggy Guggenheim Museum 369 Dorsoduro Venice Italy.



- Venezia News - "Wood art Italy"

Shopping in Venice Italy The Loris Marazzi`s Gallery is an attraction for all the tourists who visit Venice. It`s is typical in this city to hang clothes from one street to other to dry and Marazzi reproduces those clothes on lines but in wood.
Daily objects such as a shirt, hat, raincoat, tie, boxer shorts, jeans, bra and also panties incredibly all carved from wood are exhibited in this little gallery, If you want shopping modern art in Venice, I suggest you make a point to vist this fantastic gallery and workshop.
Italian Modern Art begins in this venetian gallery located in front of the Peggy Guggenheim Museum 369 Dorsoduro, more than twenty year of experince in sculpting not only in wood but also in marble and bronze make Marazzi a real master in the art of sculpting.
Loris began to carve when he was fifteen and his first art work is that fabulous American Jacket, you can see it photographed on the home page of the virtual art gallery at www.lorismarazzi.com . Although made entirely from wood this jacket looks as if it was soft leather.
This renowned venetian artist and sculptor, Loris Marazzi, creates with great passion and skill unique art works like his clothes line in wood and also important master pieces with conceptual significance like the wood art sculptures titled: "Solitude", "Happiness", "Balance" and so on.
Marazzi gives all of his wooden sculptures and special touch of tenderness that you won`t believe they are all made from wood.


- Art in Italy -      - Art in Venice - 
by Dave Gibbard

Modern art in venice italy

My Mind My Force

Loris is no ordinary wood worker, the inspiration from daily things are not
the only sculptures from Marazzi`s talented hands. He also carves conceptual pieces such as a life size mans body that represents a man who is born into a new life. The inspiration and creativity of this venetian wood sculptor is inexhaustible besides his clothes in wood and his conceptual sculptures Marazzi sculpts funcional wood art sculptures like fornitures which you can perfectly use and the same time give a touch of good art and sophistication to the insides.

Loris has worked in marble, bronze and wood, choosing the latter as the most suitable material to express his creativity. The clothes line is the most
appreciated creation by his american clients: shoes, jackets, coats , underwear, ties, hats, raincoats and so on.all of them incredibly made from wood. 
Marazzi uses mostly a kind of pine wood from the northern italian mountains and also walnut wood to enhance the details of his artworks.

During the last few years Loris has worked with world renowned designers
like Kassogi, Mario Valentino, Bruno Magli, Pierre Cardin, and many others.

If you are looking for the good art in wood I suggest you to visit Loris Marazzi Gallery and Studio located in ftont of the Peggy Guggenheim Museum 369 Dorsoduro Venice Italy or check his web site www.lorismarazzi.com where his fantastic art sculptures in wood are displayed for sale.

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Art in Venice borns at the small gallery of a talent woodworker who sculpts fantastic
wood art sculptures: "Loris Marazzi" who is inspired by his own expierences , minds and daily things to transformer all of them into admirable living wood art sculptures.



The New York times and magazines like People have press articles about
Loris Marazzi the talented venetian artist who sculpts the fantastic and sexy "clothes line in wood".

Shirt with Hanger

Sculpted shirt complete
with carved hanger


For Hard Man
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